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  • Local Montana and regional maps, including Falcon Guides

  • Local, regional and national newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal and the Sunday NewYork Times

  • Over 100 magazines and periodicals

....And Now

From it’s beginnings in 1962 as the Ellen News at 17 West Main Street, owners Dick Wike and Hal McDowell wanted to achieve a modern-looking newsstand in the building which had formerly been home to Cuttings Newsstand, Lawton’s News and the Stag Pipe Shop. After the partnership dissolved the following year, Wike went on to expand the line of pipes and tobaccos offered, as well as the variety of paperback books, magazines and newspapers offered. A theatre expansion project in 1968 necessitated a move a few doors down, and a name change in the process.  On September 9, 1968, Poor Richard’s opened at its current location at 33 West Main Street.Successive owners Richard Fish, sisters Nicole and Glenn Close, Sarah and Dan Cole, and Kate Wiggins added their personal stamp to the offerings.

Today, Poor Richard’s offers it’s customers a wide variety of merchandise:

  • A large selection of fine cigars, including Padron, Arturo Fuente, Partagas, Macanudo, Punch, Romeo y Julieta, Oliva, and more…

  • Pipes, including Peterson, Savinelli, Federico Rovera and more…

  • Fine tobaccos and accessories


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